If You'd Like to Request a Commission, Please Fill out the Form Below! You May Also See the Current Commission Queue Via the Trello Link


Looser and Typically Less Detailed of the Options, but has Expressive Energy 

Starts at $50


Ink (lineart) Commissions are for When you Want a Cleaner look than a Sketch

Starts at $75


Illustration Includes Background and/or More Complex Rendering/Effects

Starts at $100


Goo, Candy gore, Plush or just a Nice Portrait, the Options for Badges are as Varied as Your Imagination!

Starts at $80


Suitible for Translating a Character to be 'Fursuit-Ready', Updating a Design or Creating a Brand New Character or Outfit Concept

(Three View ref Included with All Options Unless Otherwise Requested)

Refs Start at $100

Character Design Start at $150

All Prices Subject to Increase Based on Character or Concept Complexity.

Have an Idea that Doesn't fit into the Above or Want Art on a Budget? Please Ask!